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Live Oak to Lake City & The Surrounding Areas

Do you need to purchase homeowners insurance? You may be asked to provide a 4-point inspection to your prospective insurance company. High Mark Inspections can help you with three different types of insurance inspections including, 4-point, wind mitigation, and roof certification. If you’ve been asked by your insurance carrier for any one of the previously mentioned inspections, give us a call at 386-361-8040 or schedule now. We serve Lake City and the surrounding areas.



Today, many insurance companies think twice about insuring older homes. As a home ages the probability of a component failure increases becoming more of an insurance liability to the underwriter.

If your home is 25 years old or older there is a good chance, an insurance company will require a 4-point insurance inspection, a wind mitigation inspection, and a roof certification. (if the roof is older)

Four-point inspections are needed to fulfill insurance carrier requirements. 4-point inspections are simpler and shorter inspection than a full home inspection. Our inspectors will evaluate only certain aspects of the following four home systems:


Inspector evaluates plumbing by running water in sinks and showers and by flushing toilets. Visual inspection of the water heater and running a heating temperature test.



Visual inspection of the electrical panel, checking for adequate power supply and proper wiring.



Inspector conducts a visual inspection and does a temperature adjustment test to make sure the unit is functioning at industry standards



Inspection of the overall condition. Specifics are not noted.


Your insurance companies will use the results of the four point inspection to determine if the home is insurable. You may need to make repairs or replace components to obtain insurance.

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