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 4-Point Inspections
Serving Live Oak to Lake City And The Surrounding Areas

HVAC System 4-Point Inspection

Airconditioning Systems

What is a
4-Point inspection and why are they necessary?

Electrical Panel Inspection

Electrical Systems

Plumbing System

Plumbing Systems

What is inspected
during a 4-Point inspection and how long does the Insplection take?

Roof Inspection

Roofing Systems

A 4-Point Inspection is essentially an insurance qualifier that inspects the following components of the home or commercial property. 

•    The four key systems: 
       - Electrical 
       - HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) 
       - Plumbing 
       - Roof 
   •    The inspection must be conducted by a licensed inspector in the state of Florida. High Mark Inspections, LLC has state-licensed inspectors ready to assist you with your 4-Point inspection In Lake City and the surrounding areas. 

Why is a 4-point inspection necessary for a home or commercial property in Lake City and the sorounding areas? 

•    To ensure that the property meets the necessary requirements for coverage with your insurance company. 
   •    Older homes are more prone to issues and damages due to factors such as aging, material quality, construction/installation, and maintenance efforts. This increases the likelihood and severity of insurance claims. 
   •    The four major systems examined during the inspection are responsible for a significant portion of insurance industry losses. 


When is a 4-point inspection mandatory? 

•    For all homeowners, dwelling, and mobile homeowner risks that are over 30 years old and fall under multiperil coverage.

How long does it take a High Mark Inspections, LLC Inspector to complete a 4-Point Inspection?

•    A 4-Point inspection usually takes about forty-five minutes to one hour to complete on-site and if we have all the necessary information we can complete the report onsite if time permits. 

In summary, if you have been asked by an insurance company or maybe your just shopping for new insurance, the team here at High Mark Inspections can help you with a variety of Insurance inspections including 4-point inspections, wind mitigation inspections, and roof certifications inspections.

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