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Experience Professional Home Inspections in Newberry

The team of professional home inspectors at High Mark Inspections, llc. is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service that surpasses your expectations. Choose to inspect once, inspect correctly, and entrust your Newberry inspections to the experts at High Mark Inspections. 

Our seasoned inspection services specialists will provide you with the reassurance you need when purchasing your home in Newberry, FL. We are proud to offer:
   •    Availability on the Same Day & Next Day
   •    Reports Delivered Within 24 Hours
   •    Thermal Imaging Home Inspections
   •    A Skilled & Experienced Home Inspections Team

Avoid turning your dream home purchase in the Newberry area into a nightmare. Before finalizing the deal, reach out to the home inspection experts at High Mark Inspections, llc.

Newberry Home Thermal Image

A Home Inspector Can Ensure a Stress-Free Purchase in Newberry, Florida

A professional home inspector can make a significant difference when purchasing a home in Newberry, FL. The highly skilled team at High Mark Inspections, llc, will thoroughly inspect your home, covering everything from the foundation to the roof, including electrical and plumbing systems.

We provide a range of home inspection services tailored to your specific needs, such as:
   •    Homebuyer Inspections
   •    Seller Home Inspections
   •    Thermal Imaging Inspections

Engaging a professional home inspector can help you make an informed decision, providing you with knowledge, negotiation power, and peace of mind for your Newberry home purchase.

Considering a Home Purchase in Newberry, FL?​

If you're planning to move to Newberry, trust the home inspector renowned in Newberry and across North Florida for delivering quality inspection reports and top-notch customer service - High Mark Inspections, llc.


Commercial Building Inspections Experts Providing Peace of Mind to Newberry Investors


High Mark Inspections, llc, offers commercial building inspections to provide investors in the Newberry community with the reassurance they need when purchasing a property. We strive to meet our commercial clients' needs by delivering top-tier inspections.

Whether you're buying a single office or an entire office complex, we'll educate you about your property's condition, alert you to any potential issues, and equip you with the negotiation power you need. High Mark Inspections, llc. is proud to serve Newberry, Alachua County, and the North Florida area with top-quality commercial building and property inspections that will surpass your expectations.

What Will Your Newberry Home Inspections Specialist Examine?

Your home inspections specialist will scrutinize your property from top to bottom, focusing on:
   •    Roof, structure, and foundation
   •    Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems
   •    Interior and exterior surfaces
   •    Doors and windows
   •    Built-in appliances
We provide an on-site verbal explanation, followed by a detailed inspection report with full-color photos delivered within 24 hours. If you need a home inspections specialist to ensure a stress-free home purchase in Newberry, contact the experts at High Mark Inspections, llc, today at 386-361-8040 or request services using our convenient online form.

About Newberry, FL

The charming town of Newberry, Florida, possesses a distinctive charm. It houses a Historic District and has secured a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Initially founded as a mining town after the unearthing of phosphate, Newberry pivoted to agriculture in 1914 due to the outbreak of war with Germany, its primary phosphate purchaser. Agriculture remains a crucial part of Newberry's character, demonstrated by its annual Watermelon Festival.

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