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Commercial Building Inspections

Expert Inspections Guaranteed

When contemplating a significant investment in commercial real estate, it becomes paramount to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Property inspections serve as a vital tool in uncovering existing or potential issues within a building, empowering you to make informed decisions. At High Mark Inspections, LLC, our dedicated team of experts is poised to deliver the caliber of service you require and anticipate. Reach out today to request a proposal or dial (386-361-8040) to engage in a conversation with one of our seasoned team members

Commercial retail and office space

Customized building inspections to meet your needs

  1. Thorough Property Evaluation

  2. Tailored Assessments for Specific Components

  3. Formal Written Proposal with Options

Restaurant Inspections

We Inspect these types of buildings and more

Our Recent Projects

Why Commercial Property Inspections Matter

Ensuring Confidence in Your Investment: The Importance of Commercial Property Inspections
Commercial loading docks
  • Uncover Structural Integrity: Identify any underlying structural concerns before committing to a lease or purchase.

  • Comprehensive System Evaluation: Assess plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and related systems to ensure functionality and safety.

  • Independent Evaluation: Obtain an impartial report from a third-party inspection company, providing unbiased insights separate from contractor interests.

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