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  • My rates are competitive, and I take pleasure in inspecting residential and commercial properties across North Florida and South Georgia.

  • Simply follow the prompts to book your Home Inspection and verify my availability.

  • I prioritize quality over quantity, committing to only one comprehensive home inspection per day, commencing at 8:00 am. This ensures no rush, providing your potential home with undivided attention.

  • Inspections typically span from 2.5 to 4 hours, contingent upon the property's age, size, and condition.

  • Pricing is determined by the finished square footage and age of the property. Base fees apply to homes under 1500 sq ft and constructed within the last 25 years.

  • Choose additional services such as pool inspections, water testing, and infrared inspections as optional add-ons.

  • Upon scheduling your inspection, you'll promptly receive an email confirming receipt of your Inspection order. Subsequently, upon confirmation in my software, you'll receive another email detailing the inspection date, time, and address. This email will also include a link to the inspection agreement, enabling you to sign from your smartphone or PC, along with a payment link for credit or debit card transactions.

Message us. Ask us anything. 

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